Dear Guests

Please, let us introduce our house:
The Pipacs (Poppy) Villa is a totally refurbished  but authentic local building, which was built originally as a vinyard house.
The YBL awarded architect , Ferenc Simon  planned the renewal works of this house, as well as the  the István Chermel Bird Observatory Building at the other side of  the Lake.
The Pipacs Cottage preserves the authentic folk art solutions of the region: straw roof, shining white walls with "small eyes", which overlook to the next hills and the tower of the Reformed Church of Sukoró.
Small jewellery box for everyone who opens the handmade robust door lock.
Inside you can feel a real "village feeling" with all of the needed and authentic household equipments.
Using our grandparents' still useful and properly working tools gives us a romantic feeling soon.
When entering  we can find ourselves at a living room with a kitchen, furbished with handmade honey waxed wooden furniture.
To the left we can get into the dining room, which -with its romantic lighting effects- can be the place of  pleasant wine tasting events with friends as well.
To the right we can get into a bedroom for two persons.
Above this room the house also contains an attick with window, which offers a  bedroom for 2-3 persons and can be reached by a comfortable fixed ladder.
The neighbourhood is calm, the house is the island of relax.
The heating is solved with central heating system, hot and cold water is always available as well.
In spite of these in case of staying there in the Autumn or Winter there is the possibility to fill the  iron stove with wood and enjoy the lighting of the fire.
There is also the possibility to cook on open fire in the garden. We can also provide you with the needed equipment.
If you bring bicycle you can lock it at a storage place. There is a safe new bicycle road over the lake Velence, which is comfortable even for children. It drives beside several beaches and restaurants all over the lake.
Székesheférvár is only 15 minutes by car, where you can find several cultural programs, historical monuments, museums, gastro and cultural festivals.
We can help you in planning your site seeing there.
Budapest, with all of the programs what a capital can offer, is also easily available, only half an hour drive from our house.
You can always take a swim in the Lake Velence, which has beautiful sandy and grass covered beaches or you can even visit the Velence Spa,  the Agárd Spa around the lake or to the Árpád Spa at Székesfehérvár. 
We are looking forward to seeing you,
Anikó Kovács
The Homemaker of the villa