For whom we offer our cottage?

First of all we offer our cottage for those who would like to forget about the evryday stress for a while, who would like to spend some time only with their partner, family, who need some silance, who would like to see a beautiful landscape with hearing only the song of birds.

Our cottage is ideal for those who

· would like to be alone for a while, who need an inspiring loneliness, who need to recharge his/her batteries.

· couples, which are looking for romantic milieu, who are tired from the noisy, big hotels and don’t want to be disturbed

· families, which would like to let their children feel free and who are bored at the impersonal environment of the big hotels. In this case the cottage is ideal if the children are already able to climb up safely to the room at the attick, just above the parents’ room

· smaller groups, team builders, wine lovers

Wine tasting option in the cellar of the house or at several wineries around

· hunters, hourse riders, bicyclists or the lovers of the water sports

There are four riding halls at Pákozd. At the Lake Velence several water sport option is available, such as wake boarding, rawing, sailing, swimming.

There is a safe bicycle road around the lake, which is ideal even with smaller children.

Walking tours can be done to the Angelika Spring. Hurka Valley or to the Ingó Stones.

Complimentary „welcome meat” selection from the best butcher of the neighborhood.
Appointment setting up in case you are interested in hunting or hourse riding.